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Rechargeable LED Table Lamp XSH-515
• With new design, foldable head, it is convenient and flexible.
•Built-in 800mAh long-life and maintenance-free rechargeable battery.
•With a long life-span battery which can be repeatedly used for more than 500 times.
•Both high light and dim light for choices.
• LED Quantity : 18
• Voltage : AC90~240V 50/60HZ
• Current : AC0.1A 0.8W
• Light Source Power: 2W
• Color : blue / green
• Plug Type : round / flat
• Battery Type : lead-acid
• Battery Capacity : 900mAh
• Working time : 8 (h)
• Recharging time : 10~12(h)
• Carton Size: 47*24*28
• Packing : 36 PCS / CTN
• G.W.(kg) : 12
• Size(mm) : 12.5*6.5*25
• When charging, put two holes of plug into AC socket of table lamp, insert the other plug into power socket(AC90-240V). while the charging indicator is on,which needs about 15 hours.
• Lamps is lighting when the switch is pushed on. Two available option: you can turn on power-saving 24 LEDs or lighter and further 24 LEDs. At the contra side it is off.
• After charging fully, it could be used continuously about 8 hours with high light and 4 hours with dim light.
• When the led bulb is dark during usage, that means battery is at the stage of discharging. At this moment, in order to protect the battery, please stop using, and charge it in time. (Please charge before the led bulb is dark fully, otherwise it would damage the battery).
• Frequent use is required, long-time none use is unadvisable. if you don’t use it very often, please recharge it every 3 months, over 10 hours eachtime,or the battery's life-span will be shortened.
• The power and socket must be according to safety standard.
• Please do not use when charging, it would burn LED bulb, or damage inner components.
• Please do not shot the eyes directly, it would effect the eyesight.(children must be instructed by adults)
• Keep away from rain or wet.
• Keep far away from the exploders when charging the charging time could be more than 24 hours.(Suggestion charging in daylight time)
• If you need to go outside for something, you can take this collapsible lamp, the excellent feature of it is convenience. The lamp has many advantages  such as the smart function,humanizing design and power saving. It’s also  our pride and joy. 
• You must admit this kind of reading lamp will appeal to many lamp users in colleges, and we are convinced that the smart products like the reading lamp will be the wave of the future.

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