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Rechargeable LED Flashlight XSH-338
• Rechargeable and maintenance-free lead-acid battery with 350 mAH capacity high;
•Long life span and recharged cycle life over 250 times.
•With noble design, it’s easy to operate and free to adjust the lighting.
•With spotlight reflector, a range of up to 150 meters.
•Both high light and dim light for choices.
•One piece of LED, white light, economizing on energy, and super power, over 50000 hours’ working life.
•We offer a one year limited warranty from the data of the purchase if any real quality problems occur with our product, but damages caused by incorrect operation are not included.
• When the energy power is exhausted, please charge it immediately.
• Don't use it when charging. otherwise it would burn the electric stuff and component
• The charge time should be less than 24 hours, if you don’t use it very often, please recharge he battery about 4 hours continuously for every 3 months to protect the life of battery.
 • Our rechargeable led flashlight with the feature of high capability & powerful brightness, are beautiful and elegant. Using this product can give you more convenient in your work, study and life. It’s suitable for camping, searching, home, engineering etc.
• We are the LED flashligh manufacture and wholesaler, we offer LED flashlights series and other LED lights, such as, LED bulbs, LED ceiling/down lights, LED headlamp, LED reading lamp etc. We make sure that your inquiry will be answered in 24 hours, and our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction. So, if you have any requirements please feel free to contact us.
• Power are guaranteed for one year from the data of the purchase if any real quality problems occur with our products, but damages caused by incorrect operation are not included.

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